Transform families with what you know!


As a teacher…

You have devoted your life to one of the highest callings.

You know the Secret Sauce when it comes to a child’s success in the classroom.

It’s what happens outside the classroom.

And it doesn’t start with the child.

It’s what a parent does with his child.

But that’s the problem…getting parents more involved. 

And it gets more challenging year after year.

Overuse of electronic devices, crazy work schedules, lack of down time.

They’re partly to blame.

Even more reason parents can use your help. 

So what could you do?

Share what you know!

Get creative and make it fun!

Create videos that encourage parents with fun activities they can do with their child!



Step 1: choose a Grade Level

Step 2: Choose a subject

Step 3: Decide on a lesson most kids struggle with

Step 4: Record yourself on your cell phone - Max. 5 min.

Step 5: Submit your recording


If we like your unedited video, we’ll pay you for it.

We’ll then encourage you to record more…so you can get paid more!  🙂




The Academy consists of a caring community of teachers who finally get to share outside the classroom what they’ve been dying to teach parents about how easy it really is to help their child become smarter, grow in character and enjoy being a kid.  

why we care so much


     Hi! We’re Bill & Marissa Leinart and we were classroom teachers just like you, committed to helping our youth get a good education and enjoy learning.

     Together, we have more than 20 years of teaching experience at the high school & university levels as well as having homeschooled our 2 kids, 21 yr old Linzey, a 2nd yr Vet Student at the #1 veterinary school in the world and Will, our 20 yr old arcade entrepreneur & YouTuber (700,000 subscribers).   

     We haven’t forgotten the challenges of parenting.  But it was easier then.  Not now.  And that’s why it’s become our mission to help parents not waste anymore time trying to figure out if their child is truly learning.  

     We want to make it easy for parents to get their child to the next level.  And who better to demonstrate how parents can get involved than passionate teachers like you!  

     And we’re more than happy to compensate you for your time because you deserve it!

     We want you to have fun sharing your knowledge by allowing you to let your personality shine!

     We’re not looking for perfection.  Neither are parents.  Just that you care.    🙂